Reinnervate is part of the Reprocell Group

Reinnervate Ltd is now part of the ReproCELL Group of companies

Reinnervate Ltd is pleased to announce that it is now part of the ReproCELL group. ReproCELL, a Jasdaq-quoted stem cell company, acquired 100% ownership of Reinnervate Ltd in July 2014. At the same time, ReproCELL also acquired BioServe Inc (Maryland, USA) the global supplier of Human Tissues and serum samples for basic and pre-clinical research.

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Alvetex Scaffold 384 well plates used in an Oncology HTS program by AstraZeneca

Alvetex News

Scientists at AstraZeneca in the UK have compared the activity of a diverse compound set in 2D and 3D cell cultures using Alvetex® Scaffold 384 well plates in an automated Oncology HTS (High Throughput Screening) setting.

AstraZeneca reported that Alvetex Scaffold 384 well plates were:

  • Easy to use with a workflow similar to 2D cell culture plates
  • Compatible with HTS automation, dispensing and read-outs
  • More feasible and cost effective than currently available alternative 3D culture platforms

The team at AstraZeneca presented the data at the recent ELRIG drug discovery meeting as a talk and poster entitled: “Side by side: An evaluation of 2D vs. 3D cell culture for High Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery.” The poster presentation demonstrates the use of Alvetex Scaffold 384 well 3D cell culture plates for an Oncology focussed HTS program.

More information and to download the poster as a PDF, can be found here.

Recent scientific paper reports preclinical anti-cancer drug investigation on colorectal cancer cells grown in 3D culture using Alvetex Scaffold

Alvetex News

In a paper recently published in the PLOS ONE (Public Library of Science) journal, researchers at the Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany, investigated the effects of anti-cancer drugs on inhibition of migration and invasion of colorectal cancer cells grown in 3D culture using Alvetex Scaffold. Their research has led them to recommend investigating pan-Bcl-2 inhibition as a promising approach for clinical trials.

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