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Scientists at AstraZeneca in the UK have compared the activity of a diverse compound set in 2D and 3D cell cultures using Alvetex Scaffold 384 well plates in an automated Oncology HTS (High Throughput Screening) setting.

The team at AstraZeneca presented the data at the recent ELRIG drug discovery meeting as a talk and poster entitled: “Side by side: An evaluation of 2D vs. 3D cell culture for High Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery.”

Featured Application Note

AN-SC-04 – Preclinical Profiling of Anti-Cancer Therapeutics Using a Novel 96-Well 3D Cell Culture Assay

Three-dimensional (3D) tumor cell culture models have been shown to represent a biologically relevant assay system, feasible for the development of robust preclinical anti-cancer drug screening platforms. The major advantages of cells cultured in a 3D format are that these retain in vivo-like structures and cell signalling patterns. The influence of non-tumor cells and elements of the tumor microenvironment can be modelled using co-culture approaches. Oncotest and Reinnervate are actively developing agar-free 3D cell culture formats using AlvetexScaffold for preclinical ex vivo drug efficacy tests to fill the gap between the existing two-dimensional (2D) culture methods and preclinical in vivo model systems. Alvetex®Scaffold enables a straight-forward and reproducible 3D culture of both tumor cell lines and primary tumor cells, e.g. single cell suspensions prepared from patient-derived xenografts. The new 96-well Alvetex Scaffold format is compatible with automated medium to high throughput drug activity screening. Here we report the development of assays to assess anti-cancer drug activity using the Alvetex Scaffold 96-well plate. A major advantage of the agar-free 3D cell culture is the simple retrieval of cellular material post-drug treatment for subsequent molecular analyses and mechanism of action studies.

Dr Sumeer Dhar Oncotest GmbH – Institute for Experimental Oncology, Am Flughafen 12-14, 79108 Freiburg, Germany.

Professor Stefan Przyborski Reinnervate Limited, NETPark Incubator, Thomas Wright Way, Sedgefield, TS21 3FD, United Kingdom.

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AN-SC-14 – Target-based drug activity and post-translational and transcriptional analysis using ex vivo Alvetex Scaffold – a poster From Tecan

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Alvetex Scaffold is currently available in the following formats. The formats relevant to cancer tox are highlighted.

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Alvetex Scaffold Plate Starter Pack AVP-KIT-1 1 x 12 well plate
1 x 24 well plate
1 x 96 well plate
– all individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Scaffold Well Insert Starter Pack AVP-KIT-2 6 x 6 well inserts
6 x 12 well inserts
1 x deep petri-dish containing a well insert holder
– all individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Scaffold 12 well plate AVP002-2 2 x 12 well plates, individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Scaffold well insert holder and deep petri-dish AVP015-2 2 units, individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Scaffold 6 well insert AVP004-12 12 inserts, individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Scaffold 12 well insert AVP005-12 12 inserts, individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Scaffold 24 well plate AVP006-2 2 x 24 well plates, individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Scaffold 96 well plate AVP009-2 2 x 96 well plates, individually sterile blister packed

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