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AN-ST-01 – Maintenance of Intact Tissues Using Alvetex Strata

In this application note, we demonstrate the use of a new product, Alvetex Strata, to support the growth and maintenance of intact tissues and cell aggregates. Two example applications are provided, both of which offer alternative approaches and improvements of existing methodologies.

1. Maintenance of stem-cell derived embryoid bodies on Alvetex Strata overcomes some of the practical challenges of using hanging-drop and traditional well insert methods.

  • Better Cell Viability – Embryoid bodies maintained on Alvetex Strata provide a higher level of nutritional support than hanging-drop and well-inserts. This offers better cell viability, avoids the risk of hypoxia and offers better control of stem cell differentiation
  • More stable – Embryoid bodies grown on Alvetex Strata are much more robust and stable when carrying our media changes
  • Replacement for Teratoma Assay – Growth of Embyoid bodies on Alvetex Strata offers an alternative, faster and more controllable way of assessing the development potential of pluripotent stem cells

2. Maintenance of organotypic spinal cord slice cultures on Alvetex Strata to directly observe the behaviour of labelled radial glia with a multi-photon time-lapse microscope.

  • Intact tissue slices can be maintained and kept viable for several weeks. The surface architecture prevents the tissue slice from moving, facilitating time-lapse imaging.

Ordering information

Alvetex Scaffold is currently available in the following formats. The formats relevant to bone are highlighted.

Well Insert Formats
Inserts are individually sterile blister packed
Alvetex Strata 6 well insert STP004-12 12 inserts
STP004-48 48 inserts
STP004-96 96 inserts
Alvetex Strata 12 well insert STP005-12 12 inserts
STP005-48 48 inserts
STP005-96 96 inserts

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