Biopta Human Tissue Contract Research Services

ReproCELL Europe Ltd has been formed from a merger of two UK-based companies – Reinnervate and Biopta. Biopta has been providing contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry since 2002 and has established itself as the world leader in the use of fresh functional human tissues to better predict drug activity prior to clinical trials. ReproCELL Europe continues to provide Biopta’s contract research services.



Lab Services

Using ethically sourced human tissues, ReproCELL Europe (formerly Biopta) is able to provide early indications of drug safety, efficacy and absorption. Our human ex vivo pharmacology models bridge the gap between animal in vivo data and the clinic.

  • Human safety assays: predict adverse effects in healthy human tissues
  • Human efficacy assays: use diseased human tissues to demonstrate drug efficacy
  • Human absorption assays: use respiratory and gastrointestinal tissues to predict drug absorption

This invaluable human data is available during early discovery and development phases and helps reduce the number of compounds which fail in the later stages of drug development.

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Human Tissue

Why are human tissues increasingly being used in drug development?

Despite record levels of investment, most drugs (80-90%) fail in clinical trials. New ways to predict which drugs will succeed are urgently required and there can be no more relevant model than fresh intact human tissues.

ReproCELL Europe’s (formerly Biopta’s) reputation as a leader in human tissue research is built on its ethical network of human tissue partners. Ethical access to high quality tissue specimens is of the utmost importance to us and we have developed an extensive network of trusted clinical collaborators and tissue banks, in both the UK and USA, from which we can receive tissues with total confidence.

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Assay Catalogue

ReproCELL Europe has access to a range of human tissue. The catalogue of services which we offer includes the industry’s widest range of human functional tissue assays. Besides those protocols listed we can work with you to design your own assay protocol, which we can perform for you. We are happy to discuss any assay formats.

ReproCELL Europe can also generate comparative pharmacology data using a variety of preclinical species.

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Ask an Expert

At ReproCELL Europe (formerly Biopta) we aim to be your outsourced human tissue research department and will work with you as a partner to achieve your goals. Our experts are available to provide advice and support to help you design the most appropriate study or to simply answer a question relating to human tissue research.

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