Job vacancy at ReproCELL Europe: Study Director

We wish to recruit a Study Director to join our Operations division, which carries out research projects using human tissue or stem cells as a test system. Human tissue assays are used to predict the safety and effectiveness of potential new drugs; 3D cell culture techniques are used to grow stem cells and cell lines to more closely mimic the in vivo environment and provide test systems for drug testing and disease modelling; unique RNA reprogramming services and reagents are provided for pluripotent cell culture and differentiation.

The role will be primarily laboratory-based. In addition to a strong academic 3D cell culture/stem cell background; report writing, data analysis and good communication skills are essential. Further training in ReproCELL Europe’s in vitro pharmacology, organoculture and stem cell reprogramming techniques will be provided. ReproCELL Europe’s laboratories operate seven days per week, therefore flexible working is required.

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