Launch of Reinnervate Perfusion System for 3D cell culture

Reinnervate today announced the launch of a low-cost, simple system for combining 3D cell culture with dynamic circulation and perfusion of media.

This product allows scientists to create cell based models that are another step closer to the environment experienced by cells and tissue in vivo. The systems can also be used to create complex co-cultures, multi-organ systems and to study paracrine effects.

The Reinnervate perfusion system is compatible with the following  methods:

  • 3D cell culture using Alvetex well insert technology
  • 3D co-culture using
  • Standard 2D cell culture
  • Hydrogel-based 3D cell cultures
  • Transwell and well insert technology from various suppliers

For more information, visit: Science Portal: perfused 3D cell culture.