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1.1. Culture Media

Product Name Product Code Product Brand
CRYO-GOLD Cryopreservation Medium RO10003 Revive Organtech®
CryoStem™ Freezing Medium 01-0013-50 CryoStem™
Dissociation Solution for Human ES/iPS Cells RCHETP002 ReproCELL®
Freezing Medium for Human ES/iPS Cells RCHEFM001 ReproCELL®
iMatrix 511 NP892 Matrixome®
NutriStem™ XF/FF Culture Medium for Human iPS and ES Cells 01-0005 NutriStem™
Primate ES Cell Culture Medium RCHEMD001 ReproCELL®
ReproCardio™2 Assay Medium RCDC301 ReproCELL®
ReproCardio™2 Culture Medium RCDC101 ReproCELL®
ReproCoat Coating Solution RCHEOT001 ReproCELL®
ReproCryo™ DMSO Free RM Cryopreservation Medium RCHEFM003 ReproCELL®
ReproFF2 Cell Culture Medium RCHEMD006 ReproCELL®
ReproHepato™ Assay Medium RCDH301 ReproCELL®
ReproHepato™ Culture Medium RCDN101 ReproCELL®
ReproHP Medium™ RCRM201 ReproCELL®
ReproNaïve™ Culture Medium RCHEMD008 ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ Coat RCDN201 ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ Culture Medium RCDN101 ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ MQ Culture Medium RCDN102 ReproCELL®

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