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1.2. Reprogramming

Product Name Product Code Product Brand
c-Myc mRNA, Human 05-0018 Stemgent®
eGFP mRNA 05-0020 Stemgent®
Klf4 mRNA, Human 05-0015 Stemgent®
Lin28 mRNA, Human 05-0017 Stemgent®
mRNA Reprogramming Factors Set: hOKSML 00-0067 Stemgent®
Oct4 mRNA, Human 05-0014 Stemgent®
RNA Transfection Kit 00-0069 Stemfect™
Sox2 mRNA, Human 05-0016 Stemgent®
StemRNA™-3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit 00-0076 Stemgent®
StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit 00-0075 Stemgent®

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