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Product Name Product Code Product Brand
A769662 04-0052 Stemolecule™
A83-01 04-0014 Stemolecule™
Activin A, Human Recombinant 03-0001 Stemfactor™
ALK5 Inhibitor (RepSox) 04-0015 Stemolecule™
Alkaline Phosphatase Staining Kit II 00-0055 Stemgent®
All-Trans Retinoic Acid 04-0021 Stemolecule™
BI-D1870 04-0051 Stemolecule™
BIO 04-0003 Stemolecule™
BIX01294 04-0002 Stemolecule™
BMP-4, Human Recombinant 03-0007 Stemfactor™
c-Myc mRNA, Human 05-0018 Stemgent®
CHIR99021 04-0004 Stemolecule™
CHIR99021 in Solution 04-0004 Stemolecule™
CRYO-GOLD Cryopreservation Medium RO10003 Revive Organtech®
CryoStem™ Freezing Medium 01-0013-50 CryoStem™
Cyclopamine 04-0022 Stemolecule™
DAPT 04-0041 Stemolecule™
Dissociation Solution for Human ES/iPS Cells RCHETP002 ReproCELL®
Dorsomorphin 04-0024 Stemolecule™
Doxycycline hyclate 04-0016 Stemolecule™
ec23 SRP002 Stemolecule™
eGFP mRNA 05-0020 Stemgent®
ES Cell Cloning & Recovery Supplement – Thiazovivin 01-0014 Stemgent®
FGF-basic, Human Recombinant Xeno-Free, Powder 03-0002 Stemfactor™
Forskolin 04-0025 Stemolecule™
Freezing Medium for Human ES/iPS Cells RCHEFM001 ReproCELL®
GDC-0941 04-0047 Stemolecule™
Goat anti-Rabbit IgG Antibody (DyLight™ 488) 09-0034 Stemgent®
GSK429286A 04-0049 Stemolecule™
IDE-1 04-0026 Stemolecule™
IDE-2 04-0027 Stemolecule™
IM-12 04-0081 Stemolecule™
iMatrix 511 NP892 Matrixome®
KAAD-Cyclopamine 04-0028 Stemolecule™
Klf4 Antibody (Purified), Mouse anti-Mouse/Human 09-0021 Stemgent®
Klf4 mRNA, Human 05-0015 Stemgent®
LDN-193189 04-0074 Stemolecule™
LDN-193189 in Solution 04-0074 Stemolecule™
LIF, Human Recombinant 03-0016 Stemfactor™
LIF, Mouse Recombinant 03-0011 Stemfactor™
Lin28 mRNA, Human 05-0017 Stemgent®
LY411575 04-0054 Stemolecule™
Mouse IgM, κ Isotype Control (DyLight™ 488) 09-0072 StainAlive™
mRNA Reprogramming Factors Set: hOKSML 00-0067 Stemgent®
Nanog Antibody (Affinity Purified), Rabbit anti-Mouse/Human 09-0020 Stemgent®
Nanog Antibody, Rabbit anti-Human Polyclonal RCAB003P ReproCELL®
Nanog Antibody, Rabbit anti-Mouse Polyclonal RCAB001P ReproCELL®
NutriStem™ XF/FF Culture Medium for Human iPS and ES Cells 01-0005 NutriStem™
Oct4 Antibody (Affinity Purified), Rabbit anti-Mouse/Human 09-0023 Stemgent®
Oct4 mRNA, Human 05-0014 Stemgent®
PD0325901 04-0006 Stemolecule™
PD0325901 in Solution 04-0006 Stemolecule™
PD173074 04-0008 Stemolecule™
Primate ES Cell Culture Medium RCHEMD001 ReproCELL®
Purmorphamine 04-0009 Stemolecule™
Pyrintegrin 04-0072 Stemolecule™
R(+)Bay K 8644 04-0013 Stemolecule™
ReproCardio™2 Assay Medium RCDC301 ReproCELL®
ReproCardio™2 Culture Medium RCDC101 ReproCELL®
ReproCoat Coating Solution RCHEOT001 ReproCELL®
ReproCryo™ DMSO Free RM Cryopreservation Medium RCHEFM003 ReproCELL®
ReproFF2 Cell Culture Medium RCHEMD006 ReproCELL®
ReproHepato™ Assay Medium RCDH301 ReproCELL®
ReproHepato™ Culture Medium RCDN101 ReproCELL®
ReproHP Medium™ RCRM201 ReproCELL®
ReproNaïve™ Culture Medium RCHEMD008 ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ Coat RCDN201 ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ Culture Medium RCDN101 ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ MQ Culture Medium RCDN102 ReproCELL®
RG108 04-0001 Stemolecule™
RNA Transfection Kit 00-0069 Stemfect™
ROCK II Inhibitor 04-0030 Stemolecule™
SB431542 04-0010 Stemolecule™
SB431542 in Solution 04-0010 Stemolecule™
SB590885 04-0080 Stemolecule™
SC1 (Pluripotin) 04-0011 Stemolecule™
SHH Agonist 04-0032 Stemolecule™
SMO Agonist 04-0031 Stemolecule™
Sodium Butyrate 04-0005 Stemolecule™
Sonic Hedgehog, Human Recombinant 03-0008 Stemfactor™
Sox2 Antibody (Affinity Purified), Rabbit anti-Mouse/Human 09-0024 Stemgent®
Sox2 mRNA, Human 05-0016 Stemgent®
SSEA-1 Antibody (DyLight™ 488), Mouse anti-Mouse/Human 09-0067 StainAlive™
SSEA-1 Antibody (DyLight™ 550), Mouse anti-Mouse/Human 09-0095 StainAlive™
SSEA-3 Antibody (Purified), Rat anti-Mouse/Human 09-0014 Stemgent®
SSEA-4 Antibody (DyLight™ 550), Mouse anti-Human 09-0097 StainAlive™
SSEA-4 Antibody (Purified), Mouse anti-Human 09-0006 Stemgent®
StemRNA™-3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit 00-0076 Stemgent®
StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit 00-0075 Stemgent®
TGF-β1, Human Recombinant 03-0004 Stemfactor™
Thiazovivin 04-0017 Stemolecule™
TRA-1-60 Antibody (DyLight™ 488), Mouse anti-Human 09-0068 StainAlive™
TRA-1-60 Antibody (Purified), Mouse anti-Human 09-0010 Stemgent®
TRA-1-81 Antibody (DyLight™ 488), Mouse anti-Human 09-0069 StainAlive™
TRA-1-81 Antibody (Purified), Mouse anti-Human 09-0011 Stemgent®
Valproic Acid 04-0007 Stemolecule™
WH-4-023 04-0079 Stemolecule™
Wnt Inhibitor IWP-2 04-0034 Stemolecule™
Wnt Inhibitor IWP-3 04-0035 Stemolecule™
Wnt Inhibitor IWP-4 04-0036 Stemolecule™
XAV939 04-0046 Stemolecule™
Y27632 04-0012 Stemolecule™
Y27632 Dihydrochloride Hydrate 04-0012 Stemolecule™
Y27632 in Solution 04-0012 Stemolecule™

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