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3. Cells

Product Name Product Code Product Brand
Feeder Cells (MEF) RCHEFC003 ReproCELL®
Feeder Cells (SL10) RCHEFC001 ReproCELL®
Mouse Primary iPS Cells-T1b 08-0006 Stemgent®
Mouse Primary iPS Cells-WP5 08-0007 Stemgent®
ReproCardio™2 Cardiomyocytes RCDC001N ReproCELL®
ReproHepato™ Hepatocytes RCDH001N ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ AD-Mutation Neurons RCDN002N ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ AD-Patient 1 Neurons RCDN003P ReproCELL®
ReproNeuro™ Neurons RCDN001N ReproCELL®

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