Atelocollagen for Cell Culture




Atelocollagen is a collagen solubilized by protease, but its physical properties are virtually identical to those of natural, unsolubilized collagen. Furthermore, atelocollagen additionally has superior characteristics not found in the natural substance. Collagen is known for its very low antigenicity (or reactivity, i.e., it causes little immune response) because most of the collagen molecule is composed of a G-X-Y amino acid sequence that differs little even among different animal species. The slight amount of antigenicity that is seen in collagen is thought to be due to the telopeptides attached to each end of the collagen molecule, which do not contain the G-X-Y sequence. Since the telopeptides are not present in atelocollagen, the antigenicity of atelocollagen is even lower than that of collagen.



Atelocollagen for Cell Culture AteloCell®

AteloCell® series of sponge, membrane and solution products made from highly purified collagen are useful in all phases of cell culture from daily cell maintenance to fundamental research to regenerative medicine.


Atelocollagen, Honeycomb sponge

Lyophilized atelocollagen sponge shows a honeycomb structure with high pore density and unidirectional characteristics.

Atelocollagen sponge, MIGHTY

Collagen sponge derived from bovine dermal type I collagen shows resistance to compressive loading (maximum is 30 kPa, single load).

Atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold

β-calcium phosphate (β-TCP) is coated with atelocollagen that shows high biocompatibility.

Collagen microspheres

Bead-like atelocollagen carrier for cell culture. Useful for maintenance of cell function during culture of fibroblasts, epithelial cell and osteoblasts.

Collagen sponge for 35mm culture dish

The lyophilized collagen sponge from insoluble type I collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon.


Atelocollagen, Permeable membrane for 50mm culture dish, 6-well/24-well culture plate

Amino acids and other small molecules can move freely through the permeable collagen membrane. Suitable for culture of primary epithelial cells and cell interaction studies


Atelocollagen Neutral Solutions

Atelocollagen neutral solution (pH 7.4) containing highly purified atelocollagen derived from bovine dermis.

Type II collagen

Type II collagen (sterile) from bovine cartilage


Atelocollagen sponge,membrane,powder

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