AteloGene® in vivo siRNA/miRNA Transfection kit

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AteloGene® in vivo siRNA/miRNA Transfection kit

Atelocollagen, the main component of AteloGene®, forms siRNA/miRNA atelocollagen complexes by appropriate mixing with synthetic siRNA/miRNA. The siRNA/miRNA atelocollagen complexes are optimal for in vivo transfection, and siRNA/miRNA is effectively delivered and introduced into the cells.


siRNA/Atelocollagen Complex Formation

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Two types of AteloGene® are available depending on your target tissue or method of administration.

AteloGene® Local Use is designed for localized administration due to its gelation capability. Gelated siRNA/atelocollagen complexes remain at the injection site and siRNA/miRNA is delivered into the cells effectively.

AteloGene® Systemic Use is suitable for systemic administration via tail vein injection because it does not gelate, and siRNA/miRNA is delivered effectively by the bloodstream throughout the whole body.

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Simple handling

AteloGene® procedures are simple and easy.

Mix equal volumes of AteloGene® and siRNA/miRNA solution, and administrate the siRNA/miRNA AteloGene® mixture to the mouse.

Simple handling


Efficient Delivery of siRNA/miRNA

AteloGene® enhances delivery of siRNA to tissues.

(Takeshita F, et al. (2005) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 102 (34): 12177-12182.)

Efficient Delivery of siRNA/miRNA

Stability of siRNA/miRNA

siRNA in the atelocollagen/siRNA complex has enhanced stability relative to naked siRNA.

(Minakuchi Y, et al. (2004) Nucleic Acids Res. 32 (13):e109.)

Stability of siRNA/miRNA
Stability of VEGF siRNA by intratumoral administration
(Data source: Dr. Y. Takei, Nagoya University, Japan)

AteloGene® Local Use was mixed with fluorescent labeled vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) siRNA and injected into subcutaneous tumor. Compared to naked siRNA, atelocollagen/siRNA complex gives enhanced effectiveness of transfection, leading to prolonged effectiveness of siRNA treatment.

(Takei Y, et al. (2004) Cancer Res. 64 (10): 3365-3370.)

Stability of VEGF siRNA by intratumoral administration
Muscular mass in mice increased by local and systemic administration of myostatin-targeting siRNA
(Data source: Dr. S. Noji, Tokushima University, Japan)

Using the AteloGene® Local Use kit, administration of the atelocollagen/siRNA complex increased molecular mass compared to naked siRNA control. Similar results were seen after systemic administration using AteloGene Systemic Use.

Muscular mass in mice increased by local and systemic administration of myostatin-targeting siRNA

Low Toxicity

Microarray Analysis Shows Low Toxicity of AteloGene®
Expression analysis after administration of siRNA using AteloGene® shows reduced expression of apoptosis-related genes relative to administration of siRNA using a liposomal method.

(Ogawa S,et al. (2011) J Toxicol Sci. 36 (6): 751-762.)

Low Toxicity
Systemic delivery of miRNA
(Data source: Dr. F. Takeshita and Dr. T. Ochiya, National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan)

Systemic delivery of miRNA

This reporter system was stably introduced into a metastatic model of prostate cancer cells. Luciferase expression was markedly suppressed when miR-16 was administered systemically with AteloGene® Systemic Use. Marked inhibition of metastasis was also observed.

(Takeshita F, et al. (2010) Mol Ther. 18 (1): 181-187).


Systemic Use

Cancer research

Research subjects Nucleic acids Administration routes References PubMed ID
Prostate cancer, Lung cancer siRNA intravenous, intratumor Takahashi M, et al. (2013) PLoS One 8(8): e73214. 23951344
Oral squamous cell carcinoma miRNA intravenous Tanaka H, et al. (2013) Oral Oncol. 49(6):551-559. 23481312
Non-small cell lung carcinoma, breast cancer siRNA intravenous Mochizuki S, et al. (2012) J Natl Cancer Inst. 104(12):906-922. 22636800
Metastatic osteosarcoma miRNA intravenous Osaki M, et al. (2011) Mol Ther.19(6):1123-1130. 21427707
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Azuma K, et al. (2010) Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 391(1):1075-1079. 20004643
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Sasaki T, et al. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. (2010) 399(1):79-83. 20638364
Metastatic prostate cancer miRNA intravenous Takeshita F, et al. (2010) Mol Ther.18(1):181-187. 19738602
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Mu P, et al. (2009) Int J Cancer.125(12):2978-2990. 19422046
Prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Hokaiwado N, et al. (2008)Carcinogenesis. 29(6):1134-1138. 18413363
Metastatic prostate cancer siRNA intravenous Takeshita F, et al. (2005) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 102(34):12177-12182. 16091473

Various research

Research subjects Nucleic acids Administration routes References PubMed ID
Autoimmune Inflammation siRNA intravenous Raveney BJ, et al. (2013) PLoS One. 8(2):e56595. 23437182
Endothelial permeability Hanai K, et al. (2012) J Drug Delivery.Article ID 245835. 22506120
Contact hypersensitivity siRNA intravenous Inaba S, et al. (2012) Mol Ther.20(2):356-366. 22031237
Autoimmune diabetes siRNA intraperitoneal Lian G, et al. (2012) J Immunol.188(5):2227-2234 . 22291182
Vascular inflammatory disease miRNA intravenous Sun X, et al. (2012) J Clin Invest.122(6):1973-1990. 22622040
Drug- and chemical-induced siRNA intravenous Yoshikawa Y, et al. (2012) Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. [Epub ahead of print] 22841776
acute liver injuries
Limb-girdle muscular siRNA intravenous Kawakami E, et al. (2011) Dev Growth Differ. 53(1):48-54. 21261610
Arthritis miRNA intravenous Nakasa T, et al. (2011) Arthritis Rheum.Jun;63(6):1582-1590. 21425254
Comparison of hepatotoxicity intravenous Ogawa S, et al. (2011) J Toxicol Sci.36(6):751-762. 22129739
Autoimmune diabetes siRNA intraperitoneal Yamada A, et al. (2010) PLoS One.5(9):e12894. 20877570
Contact hypersensitivity siRNA intravenous Ishimoto T, et al. (2008) Mol Ther.16(2):387-395. 18059372
Muscular dystrophies siRNA intravenous Kinouchi N, et al. (2008) Gene Ther.15(15):1126-1130. 18323791
(orbital veins)
Contact hypersensitivity antisense ODN intravenous Hanai K, et al. (2004) Hum Gene Ther.15(3):263-272. 15018735

Local Use

Cancer research

Research subjects Nucleic acids Administration routes References PubMed ID
Hepatocellular carcinoma siRNA intratumor Deng Q, et al. (2013) Hepatology. [Epub ahead of print] 23929653
Oral cancer siRNA peritumoral Endo H, et al. (2013) Carcinogenesis. 34(3):560-569. 23233740
Osteosarcoma. siRNA intratumor Fujiwara-Okada Y, et al. (2013) Br J Cancer. 108(4):836-847. 23462806
Breast cancer siRNA intratumor Kabuta T, et al. (2013) J Biol Chem. [Epub ahead of print] 23543736
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Nomura T et al. (2013) Mol Cancer. 12:27. 23566222
Renal cancer siRNA peritumor Takeuchi A, et al. (2013) Cancer Immunol Immunother. 62(3):517-527. 23052245
Glioma siRNA intratumor Yamaki T, et al. (2013) Sci Rep. 3:1160. 23362460
Prostate cancer siRNA intratumor Kawamura M, et al. (2012) Cell Death Differ. 19(1):170-179. 21681193
Premature senescence siRNA peritumoral Kim BC et al. (2012) EMBO J.31(22):4289-4303. 23085987
Prostate cancer shRNA peritumoral Koike K, et al. (2012) Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 12(7):847-856. 22515525
Glioma siRNA peritumoral Okazaki T, et al. (2012) Cancer Lett.323(2):199-207. 22542810
Glioma plasmid intratumor El Sayed SM, et al. (2012) Cancer Gene Ther. 19(1):1-18. 21921941
Urothelial carcinoma siRNA transurethral Shimada K, et al. (2012) Clin Cancer Res. 18(19):5247-5255. 22850567
Mesothelioma siRNA peritumoral Sudo H, et al. (2012) Cancer Sci.103(2):203-209. 22017350
Embryonal carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Ushida H, et al. (2012) J Urol.187(5):1876-1881. 22425046
Lung adenocarcinoma siRNA intratumor Yamaguchi T, et al. (2012) Cancer Cell.21(3):348-361. 22439932
Pancreatic cancer siRNA intratumor Yamato I, et al. (2012) Cancer Res.72(18):4829-4839 22826605
(orthotopic model)
Glioma siRNA peritumoral Andradas C, et al. (2011) Oncogene.30(2):245-252. 20818416
Head and neck squamous siRNA peritumoral Arai A, et al. (2011) Cancer Res.71(13):4598-4607. 21571861
cell carcinoma
Breast cancer siRNA inside of angioreacter Hashimoto A, et al. (2011) PLoS One.6(8):e23359. 21858086
Pancreatic cancer siRNA intratumor Kobayashi T, et al. (2011) Clin Exp Metastasis. 28(4):367-376. 21331750
Glioma siRNA intratumor Lorente M, et al. (2011) Cell Death Differ. 18(6):959-973. 21233844
Anaplastic large cell miRNA peritumoral Matsuyama H, et al. (2011) Blood.118(26):6881-6892 22042699
lymphoma inhibitor
Colon cancer siRNA intratumor Oh BY, et al. (2011) World J Gastroenterol. 17(20):2563-2571. 21633662
Hepatocellular carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Shigematsu S, et al. (2011) Exp Cell Res. 317(13):1851-1859. 21624362
Scirrhous gastric cancer miRNA intratumor Takei Y, et al. (2011) Cancer Res.71(4):1442-1453. 21169410
expression (orthotopic model)
Ewing’s sarcoma siRNA intratumor Takigami I, et al. (2011) Int J Cancer.128(1):216-226. 20648560
Non-small cell lung cancer siRNA peritumoral Tasaki M, et al. (2011) Br J Cancer.104(4):700-706. 21285982
(orthotopic model)
Renal cell carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Tomita S, et al. (2011) Cancer Sci.102(1):57-63. 21054677
Endometrial cancer miRNA peritumoral Tsuruta T, et al. (2011) Cancer Res.71(20):6450-6462. 21868754
Hepatocellular carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Vara D, et al. (2011) Cell Death Differ.18(7):1099-1111. 21475304
Prostate cancer siRNA intratumor Zeng Y, et al. (2011) J Biol Chem.286(16):13985-13994. 21357425
Mammary carcinoma siRNA intra-mammary fat pad Cheng L, et al. (2010) Oncogene.29(42):5700-5711. 20676140
(orthotopic model)
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Forootan SS, et al. (2010) Int J Oncol.36(1):69-76. 19956834
Cervical cancer siRNA peritumoral He L, et al. (2010) J Clin Invest.120(6):2094-2108. 20458142
Head and neck carcinoma miRNA peritumoral Liu CJ, et al. (2010) Cancer Res.70(4):1635-1644. 20145132
Myeloma siRNA peritumoral Marsaud V, et al. (2010) Mol Cancer.9:103. 20459741
Ewing’s sarcoma siRNA intratumor Nagano A, et al. (2010) Int J Cancer.126(12):2790-2798. 19642105
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Colorectal cancer siRNA intratumor Shitashige M, et al. (2010) Cancer Res.70(12):5024-5033. 20530691
Mesothelioma siRNA peritumoral Sudo H, et al. (2010) Genomics.95(4):210-216. 20153416
p53 mutation siRNA peritumoral Tanooka H, et al. (2010) Cancer Gene Ther. 17(1):1-10. 19557034
Myeloma siRNA peritumoral Ashihara E, et al. (2009 ) Clin Cancer Res. 15(8):2731-2738. 19351774
Glioma siRNA peritumoral Lorente M, et al. (2009) Glia.57(13):1374-1385. 19229996
Bladder cancer siRNA transurethral Shimada K, et al. (2009) Cancer Res.69(7):3157-3164. 19293182
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Shimada K, et al. (2009) Cancer Sci.100(7):1248-1254. 19432893
Osteosarcoma siRNA intratumor Yamaguchi U, et al. (2009) Cancer Sci.100(12):2268-2274. 19725836
Breast cancer siRNA intratumor Bernard-Pierrot I, et al. (2008) Cancer Res. 68(17):7165-7175. 18757432
Breast cancer siRNA intratumor Honma K, et al. (2008) Nat Med.14(9):939-948. 18724378
(orthotopic model)
Pancreatic cancer siRNA intratumor Iwaki K, et al. (2008) Int J Cancer.122(3):658-663. 17935125
Non-small cell lung siRNA peritumoral Migita T, et al. (2008) Cancer Res.68(20):8547-8554. 18922930
Salivary adenoid siRNA intratumor Shirasaki T, et al. (2008) BMC Cancer.8:348. 19036131
cystic carcinoma
Melanoma siRNA peritumoral Ueno Y, et al. (2008) Int J Cancer.123(2):340-347. 18398842
Cervical cancer siRNA intratumor Yamato K, et al. (2008) Cancer Gene Ther. 15(3):140-153. 18157144
Cervical cancer siRNA intratumor Yu D, et al. (2008) Cancer Sci.99(4):810-815. 18377429
Cholangiocarcinoma siRNA intratumor Kokuryo T, et al. (2007) Cancer Res.67(20):9637-9642. 17942892
Gastrointestinal cancer, antisense intratumor, Nakazawa K, et al. (2007) Cancer.109(5):993-1002. 17318877
Rhabdomyosarcoma ODN intraperitoneal,
Colon cancer miRNA peritumoral Tazawa H, et al. (2007) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104(39):15472-15477. 17875987
Ovarian carcinoma siRNA peritumoral Yamashita M, et al. (2007) Int J Cancer. 120(10):2243-2250. 17266036
Cervical cancer siRNA intratumor Fujii T, et al. (2006) Int J Oncol.29(3):541-548. 16865269
Head and neck squamous siRNA intratumor Nozawa H, et al. (2006) Cancer Sci.97(10):1115-1124. 16984384
cell carcinoma
Prostate cancer siRNA intratumor Takei Y, et al. (2006) Cancer.107(4):864-873. 16832814
Cervical cancer siRNA peritumoral Kuroda M, et al. (2005) Br J Cancer.92(2):290-293. 15655544
Prostate cancer antisense ODN peritumoral Takei Y, et al. (2005) Int J Cancer.114(3):490-497. 15578698
Non-seminomatous siRNA intratumor Minakuchi Y, et al. (2004) Nucleic Acids Res. 32(13):e109. 15272050
germcell tumor (orthotopic model)
Prostate cancer siRNA peritumoral Takei Y, et al. (2004) Cancer Res.64(10):3365-3370. 15150085
Germ cell tumor antisense ODN peritumoral Hirai K, et al. (2003) J Gene Med.5(11):951-957. 14601132
Rectal carcinoma antisense intratumor Takei Y, et al. (2002) J Biol Chem.277(26):23800-23806. 11959856
Rectal carcinoma antisense peritumoral Takei Y, et al. (2001) Cancer Res.61(23):8486-8491. 11731432

Various research

Research subjects Nucleic acids Administration routes References PubMed ID
Muscular atrophy siRNA intramuscular Kawakami E, et al. (2013) PLoS One. 8(5):e64719. 23717655
Bone fracture siRNA fracture site Kawakami Y, et al. (2013) Lab Invest. (Epub ahead of print) 23897412
Scleroderma siRNA intracutaneous Makino K, et al. (2013) J Immunol. 190(8):3905-3915. 23509348
Hypertension siRNA microinjection to RVLM Matsukawa R, et al. (2013) Am J Hypertens. 26 (1): 51-57. 23382327
Spinal cord injury siRNA intrathecal Ando T, et al. (2012) PLoS One 7(12): e51744. 20181596
Fibrosis siRNA intracutaneous Distler A, et al. (2012) Ann Rheum Dis. 72(9):1575-1580. 23148305
Fibrosis siRNA intracutaneous Horn A, et al. (2012) Ann Rheum Dis. 71:785-789. 22402139
Fibrosis siRNA intracutaneous Khodzhigorova A, et al. (2012) Ann Rheum Dis. (Epub ahead of print) 22904261
Asthma siRNA tracheal catheter Liu S, et al. (2012) Immunol Cell Biol. 90(3):337-345. 21625250
Corneal injury shRNA subconjunctival Bellner L, et al. (2011) Mol Vis.17:1144-1152. 21552471
Hypertension siRNA microinjection to RVLM Matsukawa R, et al. (2011) J Hypertens. 29(9):1735-1742. 21738056
Spinal cord injury siRNA contused cord surface Toyooka T, et al. (2011) J Neurotrauma. 28(4):607-618. 21250919
Nickel allergy siRNA ear pinnae Watanabe M, et al. (2011) PLoS One. 6(4):e19017. 21544193
Muscle injury miRNA muscle defect area Nakasa T, et al. (2010) J Cell Mol Med. 14(10):2495-2505. 19754672
Arthritis miRNA ntraarticular Nagata Y, et al. (2009) Arthritis Rheum. 60(9):2677-2683. 19714650
Progressive multifocal siRNA microinjection to Matoba T, et al. (2008)Neuropathology. 28(3):286-294. 18179406
leukoencephalopathy striatum
Intimal hyperplasia siRNA surface of vein graft Banno H, et al. (2006) J Vasc Surg. 44(3):633-641. 16950446
Endothelial dysfunction plasmid intramuscular Shinozaki K, et al. (2005)Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 46(4):505-512. 16160605
Familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy single- liver Nakamura M, et al. (2004) Gene Ther. 11(10):838-846. 14961068
stranded ODN
Repeated administration of adenovirus vector adenovirus intraperitoneal Ochiya T, et al. (2001) Curr Gene Ther. 1(1):31-52. 12109137

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