Alvetex Scaffold 96 well plates


Reinnervate’s Alvetex Scaffold 96 well plate format is comprised of a black plate, clear plastic base, with Alvetex Scaffold at the bottom of each well. The Alvetex Scaffold has been heat welded to the base of the wells in a process which does not alter its physical structure. Cells growing in 3D are exposed to culture medium from above only, and therefore predominantly reside in the top portion of scaffold.

Key Product Features:

  • Fast loading – compatible with multichannel pipettes and automated liquid handling platforms such as Tecan’s Freedom EVO®.
  • Compatible with popular cell health assays – MTT, MTS, XTT & AlamarBlue®, Cell Titer-GLO® (see Protocols).
  • Easily optimised – many cell types already exemplified – HEPG2, MCF7, HaCat, SW620, PC-3, LN-229, BT474 , HCT116 and many others (see Protocols).
  • Ease-of-use – compatible with most routine analytical techniques with established protocols for determining cell number, cell viability and RNA / protein isolation (see Protocols).

Key Product Benefits:

  • Increase the translational potential of data generated from in vitro cell based screening assays to decrease the rate of lead compound failure during expensive animal model testing
  • A simple and effective alternative to clonogenic assays for screening for cytotoxicity anti-cancer compounds
  • Simple and reproducible retrieval of RNA and protein for downstream anlaysis permit much deeper investigations into mechanism of action
  • Enable much more intelligent assay design for disease modelling, co-culture and drug development studies

Protocols – Alvetex Scaffold 96 well plate

PR-SC-02 – Alvetex Scaffold 96: Quick Start Protocol

PR-SC-03 – Alvetex Scaffold 96-well plate: Instructions for use and example applications

Application Notes – Alvetex Scaffold 96-well plate

AN-SC-04 – Preclinical Profiling of Anti-Cancer Therapeutics Using a Novel 96-Well 3D Cell Culture Assay

AN-SC-02 – Routine Assessment of Cancer Cell Cytotoxicity in a Novel Three Dimensional Culture Assay

AN-SC-09 – Testing cytotoxicity in MCF-7 and SW620 cancer cell lines

AN-SC-14 – From Tecan®: Target-based drug activity and post-translational and transcriptional analysis using ex vivo Alvetex Scaffold (note: this is a poster)

AN-SC-15 – From Tecan®: 3D cell culture: mimicking real tissue: Running Alvetex Scaffold in 96-well plate format on the Tecan® Freedom EVO® robotic liquid handling system

Product Catalogue Code Presentation
Alvetex Scaffold 96 well plate AVP009-2 2 x 96 well plates
AVP009-10 10 x 96 well plates
AVP009-80 80 x 96 well plates

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