Alvetex Strata 12 well inserts

12 well insert

The presentation of Alvetex Strata in well insert formats is versatile, enabling long term 3D culture as cells can receive nutrients from media above and below the membrane, sustaining optimal 3D cell growth.

The 12 well inserts are designed to fit into most 6 well plates or 12 well plates Reinnervate’s custom-made ‘Well Insert Holder in Deep Petri Dish’ (AVP015). To fit 12 well plates, snap off the extended wings of the inserts.

Protocols – Alvetex Strata

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Application Notes – Alvetex Strata

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Product Catalogue Code Presentation
Alvetex Scaffold 12 well inserts STP005-12 12 x 12 well inserts
STP005-48 48 x 12 well inserts
STP005-96 96 x 12 well inserts

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