Alvetex Well Insert Holder in Deep Petri Dish

Well Insert Holder

A single Alvetex® well insert holder capable of housing up to three well inserts (6- or 12-well inserts) in a deep Petri dish is supplied in a pack. The Petri dish itself is not tissue culture treated. The whole product has been terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation and remains sterile until opened.

The deep Petri dish enables users to grow their 3D cultures in larger volumes of media compared to an ordinary multiwell plate. Up to 95 ml of media can be used in the deep Petri dish and is therefore capable of sustaining long term 3D culture experiments (3-4 weeks) and reducing the frequency of medium exchanges. If required, a magnetic stirrer bar can be placed in the bottom of the dish to circulate media and facilitate exchange.

The well insert can be positioned at three different levels in the insert holder: high, medium and low. This feature allows cultures to be raised to the air liquid interface by moving the insert to a different level within the same holder.

Positioning the well inserts at different levels may be used to conserve expensive media or allow for increasing media volumes for demanding cell types over the course of a long term experiment.

Units individually sterile blister packed

Product Code Description
AVP015-2 Alvetex well insert holder and deep Petri-dish

2 units

AVP015-10 Alvetex well insert holder and deep Petri-dish

10 units

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