ReproCELL Stemgent RNA Reprogramming Systems: Urine Cells

00-0076 – Stemgent® StemRNA™-NM Reprogramming Kit


ReproCELL Stemgent’s latest evolution in RNA reprogramming combines non-modified RNA and microRNA technology to provide a kit for stem cell researchers with a new level of versatility, simplicity and time savings, enabling cellular reprogramming of human fibroblasts, and cells from blood and now urine for difficult to reprogram patient samples.


Key Benefits

• Flexible technology generates high-quality human iPS cell lines from multiple target cell types
Simplified protocols minimize processing steps, increasing researcher’s out-of-the-box success rate for reprogramming of human neonatal and adult fibroblasts, endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) derived from fresh or frozen human peripheral and cord blood, and urine-derived epithelial cells (UDCs).

• Simplified protocols and high efficiency for out-of-the-box reprogramming success
Stemgent’s StemRNA-NM requires as few as four additional reagents beyond the three kit components depending upon the cell type, unlike other technologies requiring 11 or more additional reagents. Double-stranded microRNAs enhance reprogramming efficiency for the generation of stable iPS cell lines from refractory patient samples. As few as 25,000 starting cells are needed to generate industry-leading efficiencies for fibroblasts (2 – 4%), EPCs (0.4 – 3%), and UDCs (0.1 – 0.5%).

• Time-saving protocol delivers faster results facilitating higher throughput
Colonies are ready to pick in only 10-14 days for fibroblasts and 12-16 days for EPCs and UDCs. This kit eliminates the need for screening primary iPS cell colonies, saving researchers an additional 2 to 10 weeks (3 – 10+ passages) needed for vector clearance required by other reprogramming technologies.

StemRNA-NM (Cat. No. 00-0076) StemRNA-SR (Cat. No. 00-0075)
Features Fibroblasts Urine (UDCs) Blood (EPCs) Blood (EPCs)
No. wells per kit 9 3 3 5
No. Transfections required 4 8 8 2
Days to primary iPS cell colonies 10-14 14-16 14-16 28
Reprogramming efficiency 2-4% 0.1-0.5% 0.4-3% 0.001-0.005%
Screening required No No No Yes
Xeno-compatible protocol Yes No No No
GMP-compatible RNA manufacturing protocol Yes Yes Yes No

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00-0076 – Stemgent® StemRNA™-NM Reprogramming Kit

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Expert Scientific Consultation From ReproCELL Stemgent

The ability to reprogram human tissue samples into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells has potentially profound implications for pharmaceutical companies in the quest to develop safe and effective new drugs in a cost effective manner. However, developing the in-house capability to reproducibly and efficiently reprogram cells can take months to years to establish and can divert significant resources from your drug discovery efforts.

Our scientists can work with your lab team to provide customized training to enable them to successfully create and culture iPS cells in your lab to ensure that your success continues beyond the end of the project.

ReproCELL Stemgent’s reprogramming services team has mastered the scientific and technical challenges of reprogramming and routinely generates custom iPS cell lines. By taking advantage of Stemgent’s unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and reprogramming expertise you can overcome the technical hurdles encountered with iPS cell generation and quickly harness the full potential of iPS cell technology in drug discovery.

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