Reinnervate launches new website with interactive technical resource for routine 3D cell culture

Sedgefield, UK. 7th October 2010 Reinnervate, an innovative life sciences company driving the adoption of routine 3D cell culture, today announced the launch of its new, fully interactive website ( The site is designed to provide an essential source of scientific and technical information on 3D cell culture based on reinnervate’s core Alvetex® technology for academic and industrial researchers, teachers, students and the media.

Alvetex is a unique scaffold that enables routine 3D cell culture in the lab. By enabling cells to grow in a 3D environment, Alvetex better mimics the conditions experienced by cells when growing in normal tissue. Use of Alvete therefore provides a more relevant and representative model for investigating how cells and tissues may behave in the body in response to external factors (such as drug candidates) than is currently possible with existing 2D or other emerging 3D cell culture technologies.

Professor Stefan Przyborski, Reinnervate’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer, commented:

With the launch of our new website, Reinnervate offers users of Alvetexan indispensable technical resource that provides not just news about our products but detailed technical information about how to use them. The site includes a library of cell culture protocols, technical Q&A and a selection of published papers exemplifying the use of Alvetex in a variety of alternative cell types and applications.”

He added, “Through the site’s interactive forum, members of the scientific community can post their own research data, presentations and technical questions on to the website for discussion and use by fellow investigators.”

Ashley Cooper, CEO of reinnervate, said:

The new interactive website is a further step by Reinnervate towards its goal of becoming a leading authority on 3D cell culture based on our revolutionary Alvetex technology. We plan to build an extensive library of validated cell culture protocols and other technical information and will be encouraging the scientific community to post their own protocols on this web site, via the Reinnervate forum, for the benefit of fellow researchers.”