Reinnervate to Exhibit at the American Association for Cancer Research, Annual Meeting, 6th – 10th April, 2013, Washington, DC, USA

Reinnervate will exhibit at the American Association for Cancer Research, Annual Meeting, 6th – 10th April, at the Walter E, Washington Convention Centre, Washington, DC.

Discover a whole new dimension in cancer toxicology assay design, enabling a much deeper understanding of in-vivo cell function and responsiveness than before possible.

Reinnervate will showcase the latest advancements in 3D cell culture technology including the launch of the Alvetex®Scaffold 96 well plate – a unique offering enabling scientists to carry out much deeper investigations into mechanism of action than and improve the biological relevance of in vitro based assays.

With many cell types already exemplified including: HEPG2, MCF7, HaCat, SW620, PC-3, LN-229, BT474 , HCT116 – Reinnervate invite you to visit Booth 2057 to discover how Alvetex 3D cell culture has been used to improve cancer toxicology assays enabling simple retrieval of RNA and protein to accommodate much more sophisticated downstream analysis.

About Alvetex®: Alvetex®Scaffold provides the ideal environment for cells to grow and function in 3D creating a more representative tissue model. The material consists of a highly porous and inert polystyrene scaffold with multiple voids and interconnects creating a 3D environment into which cells can freely grow and occupy, creating 3D structures in vitro.

About AACR: The AACR meeting brings together the best and latest findings in all major areas of cancer research, through plenary sessions, symposia, forums, educational sessions, methods workshops, poster presentations, and conversations with experts, click here to find out more.