The ReproCELL Group

Established in 2003 by preeminent Japanese university researchers, ReproCELL Inc quickly became the leading stem cell research company in Japan. Soon thereafter, ReproCELL products were employed by Professor Shinya Yamanaka (Nobel Laureate, 2012) during his pioneering research on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technologies at Kyoto University. ReproCELL was also the first company to offer iPSC-derived human cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes and neuronal cells for research applications. As a market leader, with a portfolio of cells, culture media and reagents, the company was listed on the JASDAQ (Japan) stock market in 2013. Since then, ReproCELL has aggressively expanded its business through a series of commercial acquisitions to become a supplier and research partner for drug discovery, human tissue resources, and stem cell products for disease-model research.

In 2016, ReproCELL USA Inc was established by merging the US holdings of Stemgent® Corporation (Lexington, MA) and Bioserve® Corporation (Beltsville, MD). A leader in iPSC reprogramming technologies, Stemgent® is recognized for the brands of Stemolecule™ and StemFactor™, which are small-molecules and proteins for various stem cell & iPSC applications that support growth and differentiation. Bioserve® is a company with an extensive biobank of over half a million human tissue samples to support biomarker identification, and drug and disease research.

Also in 2016, ReproCELL Europe Ltd was established by merging the European holdings of Reinnervate® Corporation (County Durham, England) and Biopta® Corporation (Glasgow, Scotland). Known for the Alvetex® brand of plasticware plates and products, Reinnervate® is focused on developing 3D models and applications for mammalian cell culture. Biopta® is a contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in customized drug discovery assays using live human tissues secured in accordance with government and medical agency ethical guidelines.

Together, the ReproCELL Group Companies now provide an integrated workflow Powering Translational Research with stem cells and discovery technologies for drug development and cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine. As a global technology partner, ReproCELL has the history, expertise and flexibility to accelerate your research.