Contract Research Services

Among the ReproCELL Group Companies, services and products are available from all sites. However, our contract research (service) capabilities have Centers of Excellence at particular locations. Under unified management, the ReproCELL global team is committed to providing you with customized workflow solutions that can bridge technologies for unique applications to support drug discovery, disease modeling, or Regenerative Medicine research.


Human Tissue Samples – BioServe®

Bioserve has one of the world’s largest commercial biorepositories of human tissue samples. The collection includes over 600,000 samples of frozen tissue, FFPE tissue blocks, whole blood, serum, plasma and DNA samples linked to detailed clinical and demographic data from over 120,000 consented and anonymized patients from four continents. Diseased and normal tissue are available, including many matched sample sets.

The Bioserve network of partner organizations also provides broader access to additional rare samples and the ability to source material specific to your research needs through prospective collections.

BioServe Human Tissue Samples


Human Tissue Molecular Services – BioServe®

Bioserve has a suite of pre-clinical molecular services, including various genotyping services for the identification of genetic markers, validation of drug targets and correlation of clinical and molecular data to accelerate the development of new and safer drugs.

BioServe Preclinical Molecular Services


Human Tissue Drug Discovery Services – Biopta®

Biopta has been providing contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry since 2002 and has established itself as the world leader in the use of fresh functional human tissues to better predict drug performance prior to human clinical trials.

Biopta’s staff has broad expertise in all areas of human tissue research including sourcing, handling and experimenting with fresh clinical material. Our expert scientists are available 24/7 to generate data that will add commercial value and de-risk drug development programs by predicting the safety, efficacy, absorption or metabolism of compounds in phenotypically-relevant healthy and diseased human tissues.

To answer your specific questions, we provide the industry’s only standard catalog of human functional tissue assays or we can customize projects to meet your specific needs. Having this insightful pre-clinical data early in discovery and development will help you to reduce the number of compounds that fail in the later stages.

Biopta website


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) Services – Stemgent®

Outsourcing routine tasks and specialty applications to experts can save costs and increase the likelihood of success in drug discovery research. ReproCELL has technology experts who routinely make induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) lines and differentiated cell types. Using our latest “zero-footprint” StemRNA reprogramming systems, your custom iPSC line will be of the highest quality, stability and pluripotency. We can even source the human tissue for you from our network of collection sites through Bioserve resources. It is also possible to arrange GMP, xeno-free cell line derivation for your clinical research. Whether you are interested in control strains, disease models or genome-edited cell lines, with our custom services you can leave the development to experts. ReproCELL can also engage in research collaboration projects such as custom production of unique iPSC-derived cell types according to your specifications.

Other assay services include drug toxicity or specialty assays such as the Q-Tempo™ cardiotoxicity assay (MEA analysis), and a Hepatocyte CYP450 assay service.

With our expertise in drug discovery assay design, iPS cell engineering and 3D cell culture, ReproCELL is uniquely positioned to assist you with creative custom research solutions. We believe no other company has this unique combination of talents and the flexibility to meet your needs.

Stemgent website

(Some services may not be available in particular geographies.)