ReproCELL Europe – Reinnervate

Reinnervate® was founded in 2002 by Professor Stefan Przyborski as a spinout biotechnology company from Durham University, UK. Reinnervate was aquired by ReproCELL in 2014.

The core strength of Reinnervate lies in its Alvetex® family of 3D cell culture products, providing a flexible platform that allows scientists in any life science laboratory to easily establish improved in vitro assays and tissue models that better mimic the in vivo growth of cells.

Alvetex 3D cell culture systems have many applications in basic research, drug discovery and product development in the academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Wherever scientists need to better understand the growth, function and disease mechanisms of cells in vivo, Alvetex can provide more predictive and physiologically relevant cell culture models that more closely mimic real tissue structure and function.