ReproCELL: Human iPS Cell Derived Hepatocytes

The world’s first commercial human iPSC-derived hepatocytes (launched in May 2012)

Cell-based assays for determining the toxic properties of compounds are often dependent on hepatocyte cell culture systems. The use of immortalized cell lines is common, but may not represent the true natural state. Whereas the use of cultured primary human cells is sometimes limited by availability and commonly show batch-to-batch variation especially with respect to Cytochrome P450 expression. Hepatocytes derived from human iPS cells are an attractive model system due to their virtually limitless supply and consistent batch-to-batch characteristics (clonal origin). ReproHepato technology was the world’s first commercially available iPS-derived hepatocyte cell system for high quality, terminally differentiated human hepatocytes.

ReproHepato™ hepatocytes

ReproHepato hepatocytes

ReproHepato culture medium
ReproHepato assay medium