ReproCELL: Human iPS Cell Derived Neurons

ReproNeuro: The world’s first commercial human iPS cell derived neurons (Launched in October 2010)

Human nervous system is one of the most difficult tissues to understand. The difficulty arises partly from its complicated nature as billions of neurons are interconnected each other and work as networks. This problem has been tackled by the new technologies as live imaging and optogenetics. Another critical hurdle against understanding is the inaccessibility of the human neural tissue. Because of this most of the cellular neuroscience researches have traditionally been performed on animals or human cell lines. But human brain has its unique and highly developed functions so an animal’s nervous system can not always model human brain. To overcome this problem, ReproCELL has developed ReproNeuro and become the world’s first provider of human neurons derived from iPS cells. This readily and stably available human neurons will have enormous contribution to understanding the mechanism of human nervous system. ReproCELL’s neural cell products and services can be flexibly tailored for the customers’ needs by genetic manipulation, making patient-derived neurons or any other collaborations.

ReproNeuro™ Neurons

ReproNeuro neurons
ReproNeuro AD mutation neurons
ReproNeuro Patient 1 neurons

Reagents and Media

ReproNeuro culture medium
ReproNeuro MQ culture medium
ReproNeuro Coat – coating medium