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ReproCELL USA-Stemgent is engaged in working alongside some of the world’s leading stem cell scientists in developing innovative technology and application solutions for the advancement of stem cell research.

Stemgent’s mission is to help simplify and support cellular reprogramming research by producing products being designed by leading stem cell researchers worldwide. Their scientific development sites are located in both Cambridge, Massachusetts and San Diego, California.


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mRNA Reprogramming Kit

Fully tested and validated, the Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit includes five mRNA reprogramming factors, a nuclear GF P marker for monitoring transfection efficiency, the Stemgent Pluriton™ Reprogramming Medium, B18R protein, and a reproducible, optimized protocol. This kit has been validated to successfully reprogram human BJ fibroblasts as a control cell line. The Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit enables researchers greater ease-of-use with the ability to simply regulate the timing of protein expression levels and have stoichiometric control of individual reprogramming factors.

The Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit is the fastest, safest, and most efficient method for generating integration-free, virus-free, clinically relevant human iPS cells. Generate iPS cells in less than 16 days and expand new lines in culture in as little as 3 weeks as compared to lentivirus, Sendai virus, and other methods, that can take over 20 weeks to confirm that viral remnants no longer remain. This system completely eliminates the concern of virus bio-containment and safety issues.

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Pluriton™ Reprogramming Medium

The Stemgent Pluriton Reprogramming Medium is a defined, xeno-free medium optimized for mRNA based cellular reprogramming of human cells. Pluriton Reprogramming Medium has been functionally validated, using the Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Factor Set: hOKSML, to support the generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell colonies from both BJ human fibroblasts and patient-derived fibroblasts1. Substitution of other media during mRNA reprogramming is not recommended, however, clonal mRNA reprogrammed iPS cell lines derived in Pluriton can be expanded and maintained in other conditions and media, such as Nutristem™ XF/FF Culture Medium. For a detailed description of the recommended usage of Pluriton for mRNA reprogramming, please see Stemgent’s user manual: Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming System.

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Stemfect™ RNA Transfection Kit

The Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit is a proprietary mixture of lipid components is specifically designed for in vitro RNA transfection. This kit has been shown to deliver mRNA, siRNA and miRNA. Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit provides greater than or equal to 90% transfection efficiency of mRNA into a range of cell types with greater than 95% viability; these cell types include human embryonic stem (hES) cells, Jurkat cells, human fibroblasts, and HEK293T cells. Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit has been successfully used to deliver siRNA to hES cells. There is no need to serum-starve cells using this kit as the transfection efficiency remains greater than or equal to 90% in the presence of serum.

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Stemolecule™ CHIR99021

The aminopyrimidine CHIR99021 is the most selective inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK-3β) reported to date. Unlike other potent inhibitors of GSK-3, CHIR99201 does not exhibit cross-reactivity against cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) and shows a 350-fold selectivity toward GSK-3β compared to CDKs. Along with the elimination of differentiation-inducing signaling from mitogen-activated protein kinases, using CHIR99021 to block the activity of GSK-3β enables the self-renewal of embryonic stem cells.

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Stemolecule™ Y27632

Y27632 is a cell-permeable small molecule Rho-associated kinase (ROCK) inhibitor. Y27632 has been found to prevent apoptosis as well as enhance the survival and cloning efficiency of dissociated human embryonic stem (ES) cells without affecting their self-renewal properties or pluripotency. This molecule has also been shown to enhance survival during the transplantation of ES cell-derived neural precursors. Y27632 in combination with Pifithrin-µ significantly improves cell recovery after cryopreservation.

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